An exploration into African texture

Designedbyflorence has evolved in the last 2 years. A collection of African inspired colours in keepsake dolls and accessories.

Ima Group Dolls

After recovery from a chronic sickness, I decided not to return to a 9 – 5 job and do something that I love , representative and could leave a legacy. This resulted in the birth of ‘Designed By Florence’ in July 2018.

We dabbled into Jewellery, skirts and more…then one night, I woke up and thought African dolls!!!. When my daughter was born in Sydney, I never could find a doll with a good African representation…thankfully she’s grown to be a beautiful princess. We started with 1,3,10,60pieces and counting…

We believe colours unite the world. We’ve infused creativity and colours in our couture in African dolls like Ima, Tokunbo, Ngozi and Hauwa.

‘Ima’ means ‘love’ in Ibibio, one of the south-eastern Nigerian languages from Akwa Ibom State.

Photo Shoot Doll 1

Tokunbo means ‘born abroad’ a common pet name for children born overseas in Yorubaland in western Nigeria,

Ngozi means blessings in Igboland of southern Nigeria and also means ‘skin’ in Swahili.

Hauwa means ‘pretty’ comes from the northern part of Nigeria.

Most of the designed hand-made doll-outfits supports a single mum in Nigeria who brings out our designs in exquisite coutures.

The keepsake dolls are also available @ The Rising Collective in Liverpool Arcade.

We hope you will add one of our keepsake dolls to your collective; a rare gem, a rare find. If you are looking for a gift for that special person and you want a unique gift, our Instagram page is a good one-stop shop! We also offer home-parties in selected suburbs on Sydney. DM us for more information.

Thank you for feasting your eyes on Designed By Florence’s collections. We’d be delighted to see you join our community on Instagram and Facebook.